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World smallest battery powered Signal Generator from 23,5MHz to 6GHz

Aaronia AG

Aaronia presents the new RF Signal Generator series "RFG"

The Aaronia AG offers new, battery powered Signal Generators of the RFG series, usable for generating RF signals, test of RF/EMC shielding and EMI tests . Available in 2 different versions the RDF covers a wide frequency range from 23,5 MHz to 6 GHz.

With their very small dimensions of only 80 x 50 x 30mm, with a weight of just 150 grams, the RFG series is predestined for portable use and fits into every pocket. The compact form factor is making it the World´s smallest, battery powered stand-alone RF Generator up to 6GHz.

Fitting to every Aaronia Antenna the RFG can be transformed into an active field strength Generator. In stand-alone mode the RFG can run simple or very complex batch programs, which start automatically after every power on. This feature enables to generate fixed frequencies and levels or the start of a specific sweeps, frequency lists, modulation etc.

With a maximum power level of +18dBm and a dynamic range of up to 65dB the RFG sets new standards for battery powered Signal Generators. Unlike other portable Signal Generators, the RFG generates a stable, accurate RF frequency up to 6 GHz thanks to an integrated TCXO time base. The RFG can also be connected to an External Reference Clock for even higher accuracy.

The RFG series is priced starting at € 499,95 and is available from stock.

Designed and manufactured in Germany each RF Generator stands for the highest quality standards. To illustrate this point the warranty period of the RFG is 10 years.

World smallest battery powered Signal Generator from 23,5MHz to 6GHz

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