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Laser Welding Machine

Aczet Pvt Ltd

Spot Laser Welding Machine

Laser Welding machine - Forza 160

Versatility of modulating power and speed in a nicer looking cabinet and improved reliability with added features:

Color touch-screen display for an easier access to working parameter and better machine-to-operator interfacing/messaging fully displaying basic working parameters power, time, frequency of repetition, spot size; and by the joystick inside the welding chamber

memory cells to record permanent working settings for later use

pre-set pulse-shaping programs for LASER-welding alloys with special metallurgic characteristics

halogen light adjustable by dimmer

argon-gas supplied coaxially to the LASER-beam over targeted object

large integrated sealed circuit for cooling the flash-lamp specifically devised for longer LASER-welding sessions

by experience, the flash-lamp will last for at least 5 million pulses

thanks to its reduced size and weight, this unit is easy transportable


Applications :

Weld  precious metals easily, including platinum, titanium, gold, silver & palladium

Repair perfect antique jewellery

Repair the frames without having to remove the stones

Repair watches & other components, even the glasses

Weld filler materials using the elements & lets you clear , crisp & with no need to clean up

Repair fusion defects such as porosity or fractures, only in those areas of the welding filler wire

Laser Welding Machine

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