AGC Instruments launches the new ‘NovaCHROM'' Online Gas Chromatograph Range

AGC Instruments Ltd.
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Minimal training is necessary as the large colour interactive touch screen provides an easy-to-use user interface for guided functionality. The NovaCHROM GC boasts increased connectivity via RS-232, RS-485 and Field BUS communications and data handling can be controlled by the AGC TrendVision PLUS Software in conjunction with any other ancillary components.

The Integrated Diagnostics and Configurable Alarms Systems pinpoint any areas which require attention to allow swift identification and resolution of any issues making it ideal for Process Environments. With these features, the NovaCHROM can operate unattended for long periods of time for both batch-type analysis and continuous monitoring.

The NovaCHROM uses the unique AGC detector technologies such as the DID, ADD, FID, TCD and FPD which are each adapted to the required applications. Each NovaCHROM GC is equipped with specific chromatography components depending on the application. Moreover, the packed columns with their multiple column ovens and individual temperature controllers also maintain exceptional stability, sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability. This is further supported by the use of switching technologies such as Backflush, Heartcut and Precut in which AGC Instruments has extensive experience.

With a quick start up time, fast detector response and superior attributes such as the Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) System for carrier gases, operation of the NovaCHROM is swift, precise and straightforward. The optimised consumption of carrier and supply gases by the NovaCHROM GC provides an economical platform with a low cost of ownership and long life span. Servicing and maintenance is trouble-free with a drop-down front panel for easy access to the electronic components and the unique column infrastructure, which can regenerate in-situ, provides the user with seamless operations.

Range Available:

NovaCHROM 1000 with DID

NovaCHROM 2000 with ADD

NovaCHROM 3000 with FID

NovaCHROM 4000 with TCD

NovaCHROM 5000 with FPD

AGC Instruments launches the new ‘NovaCHROM'' Online Gas Chromatograph Range

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