RCK-408: 4U Rackmount Chassis for Security Network System with 8 Drive Bays


AICSYS Inc. customized the RCK-408 for our security surveillance product lines. With 4U height and 8 Drive bays, it serves as a robust powerhouse for security protection of an industrial grade rackmount chassis. The definition of Security is the degree of resistance to, or protection from, harm. It applies to any vulnerable or valuable asset, such as a person, dwelling, community, nation, or organization. We want to have control and the ability to monitor everything both in publicly and privately. To achieve this, a very reliable but affordable tool is a must.

The RCK-408 is specifically designed for PC-based digital video recording system or storage server application. It has a very short depth, but provides a high capacity of eight 5.25" external Drive bays, or up to two 5.25" and ten 3.5" external Drive bays by mobile racks, suitable to contain large amounts of data. These features allow for both ease of use as well as a high level of reliability which is essential for a security monitoring system. The RCK-408 maintains a balanced internal temperature with an 80mm ball-bearing fan and space for an additional 80mm fan. A PS2 Mini-redundant power supply ensures a minimum amount of system down time. The RCK-408 is also suitable for RAID applications that meet the needs of small and large companies. RCK-408 is inter-changable to support Backplane for RCK-408B and ATX motherbaord for RCK-408M.

AICSYS has made a name for itself in the Industrial PC Marketplace by providing customers with quality solutions and impeccable customer support. Contact us today to see what a difference an AICSYS solution will make to your next project.

Product Features

◦Heavy-duty Steel SECC 1.2t

◦Supports ATX motherboard or Backplane

◦(8) 5.25" external Drive bays

◦(2) Front LED indicators

◦(1) 80mm Ball-bearing fan, with space for one additional 80mm fan

◦Optional 18-inch Slide rail

◦Optional Mobile Rack (MR-K23C5)

RCK-408: 4U Rackmount Chassis for Security Network System with 8 Drive Bays

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