How to select luminaires for sports facilities?

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How to illuminate sport facilities is often a dilemma for architects and engineers. There are many parameters to take into account, depending on lighting requirements, the positioning of the luminaires and the type of sports facility. To talk about these projects we have asked his opinion to Javier Teran, member of MMIT Architects and in charge of designing the sports hall “Estadio Nuevo Malecon in Torrelavega, Spain where Airfal TR3 luminaire has been selected. Javier Teran added: «Lighting for Sports facilities must combine functionalities and design. ».

Lighting of sports halls:

Campo del Malecón 2Luminaires used and recommended for sports halls are metal halide projectors. This type of technical and industrial luminaires provides high level of illuminance while being energy efficient, and is particularly suitable for these projects. According to Javier Teran “public facilities and private facilities must be considered differently” Especially as regards maintenance of installations, which for a public sports facility must remain economical and with easily accessible luminaires”

Halide projectors offer different powers that vary between 70 and 2000W, allowing to select the most appropriate power depending on the playing area to illuminate. For example, for a private tennis court, one would use four 250W projectors, while a public tennis court where matches are televised would be equipped with spotlights with power from 1000 to 2000W

Lighting of spas and aquatic centres:

High humidity that is a feature of such installations requires the use of watertight luminaires. These luminaires must have an IP protection rating (resistance to penetration of liquids and dust) very high, and an IK (impact resistance) also higher than that of conventional luminaires. For spas, we must also consider the different temperatures depending on the area to illuminate. For an area with temperatures considered as normal such as a swimming pool or a massage room, Carlos Jimenez, our technician Airfal recommends to select a watertight IP68 and IK10 luminaire, as Airfal TR3, TR2 or Rinox.

Lighting for public areas: hallways, cafeterias…

These areas are the easiest to equip as they must meet functional and aesthetic requirements. The selection of the luminaires is also carried out according to the characteristics of the building and the project budget. For these areas the recommended fittings are considered as residential lighting whose IP and IK are not necessarily very high.

How to select luminaires for sports facilities?

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