Airfal luminaires for industrial kitchens

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Airfal luminaires for industrial kitchens

Airfal International presents its range of luminaires specialized in hotel and restaurant spaces. Airfal models for industrial kitchens and cold storage rooms are more resistant to more adverse conditions such as extreme temperatures, constant presence of hydrocarbons or the need for cleaning with corrosive products.

Airfal International specialises in hotel and restaurant lighting with a wide range of luminaires for restaurant and bar kitchens. In these locations, the requirements are more demanding than in other spaces, since the conditions are more adverse and the products handled, foods, more sensitive to external contamination.

It is recommended that these luminaires comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), a systematic preventive process to ensure food safety in a logical and objective manner. This analysis identifies, evaluates and prevents all risks of product contamination throughout the supply chain on an ongoing basis.

In addition to HACCP compliance, it is recommended that luminaires installed in food handling areas be tubular to prevent dirt from adhering and facilitate cleaning. It is also recommended that they have a high degree of protection against the ingress of water and dust.

Luminaires such as the Orion model for low temperatures or the Farm model were created for other spaces, but their latest modifications make them perfect for cold storage rooms or industrial kitchens

Lighting in industrial cooking hoods and ovens

Lighting in industrial hoods presents two circumstances to be taken into account. First of all, the high temperatures that can be reached, which can exceed 60°C. In addition, it is important to take into consideration the constant exposure to hydrocarbons, present in gases and cooking oils.

Airfal has created the Farm luminaire, a model capable of working up to 80°C and with a body made of methacrylate, a material that resists hydrocarbons present in the gases emitted by the burners of industrial kitchens, as well as fats emitted by cooking food and oils.

The Farm model, which was originally designed for farms and the food industry, has an IP69K degree of protection, the highest degree of protection against water and dust penetration, and also allows the model to be cleaned with pressurised water.

For industrial hoods, Airfal also has the TR2 model for high temperatures in its catalogue, which is also in great demand in the sector.

For installation in ovens, Airfal it has its OVEN model, capable of working up to 200°C. Its body is made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel lids and special halogen lamps, making this model perfect also for foundries and industrial blast furnaces. Lighting in cold storage and freezers.

For lighting in cold storage rooms , in Airfal we recommend the use of luminaires with polycarbonate bodies, a material that is characterized by its resistance to sudden temperature changes and its ability to work without changing its qualities in extreme conditions.

For very low temperatures Airfal has created the Orion model for low temperatures, a luminaire with LED modules that can work up to -40°C below 0, with polycarbonate body and clamps and ABS end caps. This model is perfect for cold storage rooms as it has an IP67 and IK09, a very high impact resistance.

For deep-freezing areas, Airfal has designed the Frozen model, which reaches up to -50°C. Its borosilicate glass body and stainless steel end caps give it an IP68-2 and an IK07. With powers that reach 2x40W, it is characterized by its reduced dimensions.

Airfal social

Airfal International continues to be committed to Excellence and, above all, to its social side, as it works for the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into the labour market.

Airfal luminaires for industrial kitchens

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