WATEX, a new ATEX luminaire for 2, 22 zones

Airfal International
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WATEX, a new ATEX luminaire for 2, 22 zones

Airfal International consolidates its position as a specialist in ATEX lighting and launches its new WATEX luminaire, a watertight IP66 and IK08 light fixture for Zone 2, 22, the most common area for explosive atmospheres. This luminaire completes the range of ATEX luminaires for Zone 2, 22 in which we also have the Secure luminaire range and the ATEX LED MAX model.

Airfal International continues to invest in lighting for explosive atmospheres and launches its WATEX luminaire, a waterproof luminaire for Zone 2, 22.

This ATEX watertight model is manufactured entirely in Airfal’s facilities, with components MADE IN EUROPE of the highest quality. It has an opal polycarbonate body and diffuser, and hermetic seal, providing IP66 protection against water and dust, and an IK08 protection against impacts, one of the highest in the world. This is a state-of-the-art LED module model, manufactured with a quick connector.

This light fixture can be manufactured for power ratings ranging from 13 to 80W and an emission of 10,881 lumens, with the possibility of choosing a color temperature ranging from 3000 to 4000°K, with either one or two lines of LED modules.

The Watex luminaire is part of the Photovoltaic Risk Group 1 and has a Macadam index of 3/4. The unified glare index of this luminaire is less than 19 and its chromatic index is greater than 80.

As it is a model for potentially explosive atmospheres, the WATEX luminaire is regulated by the 2014/34/EU standard, marked II 3GD Ex nR IIC T5 Gc, EX tc IIIC T100°C Dc. The existing regulations regarding this type of lighting are very demanding and require constant controls and inspections. This Airfal luminaire must be installed in Zone 2, 22, the least restrictive of the ATEX zones and, therefore, the most common. Installation requires engineers or architects with special training in explosive risk analysis. They decide which ATEX marking applies to each space and what type of luminaire to install in each location.

Zone 2, 22 explosive atmospheres are the most common, being the least restrictive. We can find zones 2, 22 in nearby spaces, not adjacent to petrol pumps, or in areas for loading and unloading industrial material. We also find zone 2, 22 in automotive workshops or power plants.

Airfal Luminaires for Zone 2, 22

The Airfal catalogue features 14 luminaires for installation in the different ATEX zones. For zone 2, 22 the company has developed 5 specific products for such spaces, with very varied designs and powers that cover any need.

ATEX LED MAX: this luminaire is another of the latest additions to the Airfal catalogue, together with the watertight WATEX model. It is a model that can be used as a projector or as an industrial hood. It offers four lighting possibilities, depending on the number of modules we want, and can emit up to 26,800 lumens, with a color temperature of 4000 K°.

LED SECURE: this is a tubular luminaire with LED modules, IP68 and IK10, the highest degree of protection against impacts. This model is highly resistant to bad weather and its galvanized steel isophonic flanges provide maximum installation guarantees. This luminaire is perfect for spaces close to petrol pumps or power stations.

SECURE BLOCK: this tubular model, belonging to the Secure range, shares the same characteristics as the rest of this range of luminaires, but can be installed as an autonomous emergency block, which makes it possible to operate even without electricity for up to 3 hours. This model is perfect for spaces such as tunnels with danger of explosion, or work areas with intermittent currents, as well as power stations.

SECURE: this product was the first of the range, and differs from the others in that it has as its light source LED tubes or fluorescent. It has a protection index against impacts of IK10 and an IP68. SECURE was developed for loading and unloading areas or vehicle repair shops.

Airfal manufactures luminaires copliant with responsible standards

Airfal International manufactures its luminaires according to Social Responsibility policies. Its high turnover luminaries are assembled in occupational workshops that strive for the social and labour insertion of people with intellectual disabilities.

In addition, our company is committed to reconciling the working and professional lives of its workers and relies on local and responsible suppliers.

WATEX, a new ATEX luminaire for 2, 22 zones

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