Why Smart Kit?


Benefits of UPM209RGW and UPM309RGW

Have you ever wondered why our Smart Kits are SMART?

Because with a single type of product you can satisfy different measuring needs.

This video shows you how: https://youtu.be/sR0gt244-JA

All the benefits of UPM209RGW and UPM309RGW smart kit:

- They allow you to select among 3 available full scale values: 500A, 4.000A, 20.000A

- Installation in one click

- Minimum size of coil: 8mm cross section which allows the installation in narrow spaces

- Coil installation without interruption of plant

- Reduction of the purchase, shipping and stocking costs

UPM209RGW AND UPM309RGW: The flexible and universal solution

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Why Smart Kit?

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