PQM4000: Information is power

Algodue Elettronica

Do you aim at reducing the costs due to low-quality power supply? Do you want to know all the details on your power supply? PQM4000 is the solution

It helps you to know if there are disturbances because

- It is able to monitor and record the main power quality parameters.

- It provides an accurate measurement and voltage characteristics are monitored according to Class A specification.

- It acts as event/fault recorder, capable of storing a high number of voltage events and disturbances, frequency variations, inrush current, etc.

- Additional PQ data can be recorded, such as Flicker, Unbalance, Harmonics and Interharmonics, Mains Signalling.

But there’s more, other unique features:

- Automatic data transferring to FTP servers operated by frequency event or daily pre-programmed at fixed times.

- Various possibilities of data transmission: Ethernet, WIFI, Modbus RTU / TCP, USB

- 4 digital outputs and 4 analog outputs

- Bundled PQM Analyzer software for analysis in accordance with the EN50160 requirements, issuing a dedicated report, and PQM Class A Monitoring Tool.

Do you want to know all the features of the PQM4000? Multilingual web interface easy to use, touch screen display, graphical and table display of the measured data, data recorded in standard PQDIF and CSV file formats, etc.

Ask for info: sales@algodue.it

PQM4000: Information is power

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