No one is so compact!!!


80A single-phase energy meter with built-in communication

The single-phase energy meters' family is growing: the new 80A single-phase model is combining compact size, cost effectiveness and flexibility of remote management guaranteed by built-in communication.

For accounting and billing of consumption, a version with MID certification is available.


Minimal amount of space in your electric panel, only 2 DIN modules.


2 in 1 product!

At the price of just one device you have the energy meter with the built-in communication.

No additional communication module is needed.


The device is self-powered.

The power is supplied from the voltage circuit.

Only one device to be installed easily and quickly in the electric panel.



The UEM80-2D energy meters offers different protocols to be selected as for communication. The advantage is to create a centralized communication network for the control of the consumption data:

• UEM80-2D E (Modbus TCP protocol): RJ45 Ethernet plug

• UEM80-2D M (MBus protocol): MBUS port and 1 DO for energy pulse emission

• UEM80-2D R (Modbus RTU protocol): RS485 port and 1 DO for energy pulse emission

The Ethernet version (MODBUS TCP protocol) has embedded webserver and memory.

The recorded data can be transferred manually or automatically according to a preset FTP PUSH protocol.

Even if the webserver is embedded, you can always use the MODBUS MASTER.

Ethernet connection via RJ45 connector.

The MBUS and RS485 MODBUS (MODBUS RTU/ASCII Protocol) versions are offered with a SOFTWARE TOOL, MODBUS MASTER and MBUS MASTER, FREE downloadable from the reserved area of Algodue site. These applications allow you to make a quick programming of the counters and to verify proper communication also only with a laptop temporarily connected before the final commissioning.

New 80A single phase energy meter with built-in communication
New 80A single phase energy meter with built-in communication

80A single phase energy meter with built-in communication.

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