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Fully Automatic Soft Packages Depalletizing

Alson Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
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With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, high-speed, high-efficiency, low-error production needs urgently require manufacturers to transform into automation. However, the depalletizing of flexible packages of medicines has become a project bottleneck, so that is currently completed manually. But due to the harmful effects of some medicines and the high labor intensity of depalletizing, the staff mobility in this position is high, which has a negative impact on production management. A well-known packaging equipment company chose to cooperate with Alson Intelligent Technology to solve the positioning problem of flexible packages with the robot 3D positioning system.


1) The seven-layer soft packages of medical material are placed in a zigzag pattern, and the shape is complex.

2) Features of flexible packaging - deformed if extruded, tightly arranged, and difficult to identify;

3) The stack size is 1.5m (length) ╳ 1.5m (width) ╳ 1.8m (height), which requires a big field of view;

4) The cycle time needs to be within 12S;

5) The working environment on site is complex.


Alsontech AT-S1000-01A robot 3D positioning system is used to identify and locate the soft packages of medicine. The system adopts binocular camera and laser module to obtain the soft package data based on the principle of triangulation. Then our self-developed software algorithm calculates the 3D coordinates and spatial angle of the grasping point, transmits the data to the robot through the Ethernet communication interface, and guides the robot to complete the loading and unloading operation.

1)The sorting system automatically pre-sorts the soft packages and that can be adjusted manually according to the change of the stack shape;

2)The Intelligent analysis algorithm automatically splits the packages with 100% identification rate.

3)Super large field of view meets the identification and positioning needs of the big size stack.

4)The positioning time is less than 8 seconds, and the parallel scanning technology easily meets the cycle requirement;

5)IP67 protection rating for reliable operation in harsh factory environments;

6)Easy installation, complete configuration within 2 hours, friendly interface and easy to use;

7)Support flexible production – no requirement for the color of the soft packages, compatible with different sizes of packages and stack shapes;

8)The system is stable and able to work 24/7.


1)Together with depalletizing robot, this solution effectively replaces the labor and realizes automatic production line, which improves the work efficiency, reduces the labor cost, and solves the worker management problem.

2)Convenient usage and maintenance.

Fully Automatic Soft Packages Depalletizing

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