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Alsontech 3D Vision System for Headlamp Inspection

Alson Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
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In automotive inspection processes, the headlamps on the production line are randomly placed, and must be picked up manually and placed onto specially designed tooling fixtures for positioning the power plug. The robots then can grasp the positioned headlamps and plug them into a power supply to check that they are working. However, there are several hundreds of different headlamp models, and it would be too expensive to make positioning fixtures for each model. In addition, due to the irregular shape of the parts, the accuracy of inspection is low even with the help of fixtures; also, it takes too much time and effort to replace fixtures when the headlamp models are changed.

Challenges for automated positioning:

A. Part of the headlamp is made of reflective glass, and the rest is made of black plastic in complex shapes. It is very difficult for common positioning systems to obtain accurate data.

B. Several hundreds of headlamp models must be automatically inspected on the same production line. This requires high flexibility.

C. Complete 3D data is needed to achieve accurate positioning of the headlamps, which are placed randomly and in different shapes.

Solution and Benefits:

Alsontech 3D vision designs and develops a 3D robot vision positioning system, AT-S1000-01A, to tackle these challenges. The system is equipped with two Basler ace series cameras and can obtain detailed point cloud data for the headlamps through industrial cameras and laser modules. Then the intelligent algorithm analyzes the point cloud data and generates in real-time the 3D coordinates of the power plugs, sending these data to the robot for precise positioning. The accuracy can reach ±1mm.

A. Alsontech 3D vision system helps their customers save nearly ¥1,000,000 in fixture costs.

B. Alsontech’s 3D vision solution has outstanding flexibility and compatibility. It takes only 15 minutes to prepare a new 3D model when there is a new headlamp model.

C. Alsontech 3D vision system greatly improves the production efficiency because of its fast positioning speed and high accuracy. It saves significant time for replacing fixtures when models change.

Auto headlamp
Auto headlamp

Point cloud data obtained by our 3D vision system

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