KoneSlid® mixer with extremely fast emptying


For the production of nutriments, it is occasionally the case that smaller mixers than usual are used and are operated with particularly short mixing cycles. This means not only that the filling and mixing process has to be accelerated, but also that the emptying has to take place very quickly and without leaving residues.

There are several reasons for reducing the batch sizes. As a general tendency, contract mixing and filling businesses must perform increasing numbers of varied and smaller mixing jobs, while on the other hand the cleaning work should be minimised by reducing the size of the complete plant.

amixon® GmbH has taken up this new challenge and has created a new development based on the single- and twin-shaft technology. The result impresses with excellent customer benefits:

• optimal mixing qualities

• short mixing times

• minimum input of energy and retention of the agglomerates obtained from the spray tower

• high-level residue emptying up to 0.001% and better usability for varying filling levels from 10 to 100%

• hygienic apparatus design with regard to automatic wet cleaning

• ideal ergonomic characteristics thanks to large inspection doors manufactured using the CleverCut® construction method

• compact, space-saving design

Despite low rotational speeds of the helical mixing tools, the mixing qualities are ideal and are obtained within just 20 to 60 seconds. They are independent of the filling level, the rotational speed and in case of differing component properties such as particle size, density, cohesion, adhesion or viscosity. Rotationally symmetrical closing elements lower a few centimetres and allow total emptying within a few seconds. This makes it possible for a 500-litre mixer to supply a filling machine with a flow rate of 11 m³/h.

If the goods are particularly fragile, or if explosive dust conditions can only be avoided with peripheral speeds of less than 1 m/s, the rotational speed of the mixer can be reduced. The mixing process takes place without losses of quality even with slower rotary movements of the mixing tools.

amixon at Interpack show 2017: Hall 1, booth F23

KoneSlid® mixer with extremely fast emptying

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