DT-F1 Sand And Dust Tester

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Environmental Test Chamber


Sand and dust test chamber is used for dust test including floating dust and cyclone dust: for all kinds of automobile parts, such as, automobile lamps, meter, safe belt, seat regulator, dirt-proof boot of electrical appliance, lockers etc.


1. Adopt strong spray dust device, the user can operate independently for No.1 floating dust, No.2 floating dustt,No.3 floating dust on the gauge panel.

2. Adopt vibration device; spray dust's density can be the same every time.

3. Precision collection for dust concentration, Can reduce the misestimate concentration because of improper operation

4. Meet DIN, IEC, GB, ISO, JIS standard

5. Control system: be connected with and monitored by computer

6. Convenient design for dust cleaning.

7. synchronous resonance function to ensure of the uniformity of dust concentration

Technical parameters:


2.Remark:F for floating dust

3.Concentration of Sand and Dust: F1: 60000mg/m3

4.Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm):1000x1000x1000

5.External Dimension WxHxD (mm):1600x1800x1300

6.Temperature Range:RT(25℃±15℃), or lab temperature

7.Humidity Range:35~90% R.H., or lab humidity

8.Talcum Powder Dosage(Kg/m ²):2 ~4

9.Metal Net Mesh Standard Diameter (μm):50

10.Diameter Between Metal Wires (μm):75

11.Powder Spray & Dust Fall Mode:

1. Dust fall freely: adopt centrifugal fan to blow the sand or dust to 1/5 of roof, fall freely.

2. Blow the sand or dust: pressure spray dust from the bottom, multi- steps pressure adjustable

12.Test Standard:Meet JIS, ISO, IEC60529,DIN40050,GB2423 test standard

13.Power:AC 220V, 1∮ 3 Lines, 50/60HZ ;

DT-F1 Sand And Dust Tester

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