RT-1000A Rain Spray Test Chamber

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Environmental Test Chamber


Rain Spray Test Chamber is applied to test the shell's waterproof effect of electronics, automobile and communication, using rainfall simulation to test the product's waterproof performance and assess the product's waterproof performance's loss classification.


1. Water pressure and flow rate adjustable.

2. Unique sprinkler can stably control the rain quantity and pressure.

3. This equipment (Model B) can make the test products' temperature rising from RT-85℃

4. Inner case's material is imported steel plates, Shell is made of #304 stainless steel.

5. This equipment applies rain spray test for products and parts.

Out Case Protection Grade:

1. IPX1, IPX2 test

IPX1, X2 Negative pressure to absorb design

Unique nozzle, not easy to block

2.IPX3, IPX4 test

Pipe swing-type designed with gear motor, angle and speed adjustable.

Nozzle Angle aiming at the circle center

3.IPX5, IPX6 test

IPX5, IPX6 titanium alloy Nozzle

Water column non-proliferation

4. IPX9K test

IPX9K imported pump, high temperature & high pressure resistant

Standard titanium alloy Nozzle

Homogeneous distribution of pressure

Technical Parameters:


2.Test Standard:JIS, ISO, IEC60529, DIN40050, GB2423, GB4208 standard

3.Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm):1000x1000x1000

4.External Dimension WxHxD (mm):1600x1900x1400

5.JIS Test: Flow:1.8L/Min~3.9L/Min

Pressure:0.1kgf/cm2~0.3 kgf/cm2

6.Drop Test:IPx1 IPx2 drop speed: 1~1.5mm/Min, adjustable

7.Rain of Pipe-Swing Test:IPx3 IPx4 swing pipe: RT~±80℃

8.Water Spray Test:IPx3 IPx4 jet:2.5m~3m

9.High Pressure Jet Test:IPx9K pressure of jet:80Kgf~100Kgf

10.Rotating Speed of Rotating-Plate:4~20 RPM adjustable

RT-1000A Rain Spray Test Chamber

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