Bursting Strength Tester

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Test Eqiupment


Bursting Strength Tester is used to test the strength and performance of materials like paper,paperboards, corrugated boards and boxes, solid fibre boards, filter cloth, industrial fabrics, leather, rexine, etc.


1. Digital display pressure

2. Matched motor gives constant pumping rate for better performance, eliminating manual error.

3. Three spare rubber diaphragms and one bottle of hydraulic fluid supplied with machine.

Technical Parameters:


2.Sensing Method:Pressure convertor

3.Display Mode:LED display mode

4.Volume(option)-high Pressure Mode:0~100kg/cm2(accuracy 0.1kg/cm2)

5.Volume(option)-low-pressure Mode:0~16kg/cm2 (accuracy 0.02kg/cm2)

6.Oil-pressure Speed (ml/min):170±10

7.Radius of Rim lock-upper Ring(mm):High pressure mode Φ31.5,

Low pressure mode Φ30.48

8.Radius of Rim Lock-lower Ring (mm):High pressure mode Φ31.5,

Low pressure mode Φ31.75

9.Oil Pressure Gauge:0~25kg/ cm2 or 0~350lg/cm2


11.Volume WxHxD (mm):530x570x235

12.Weight (Kg):65

13.Power:AC220V 1∮3 lines

14.Power Consume:200W

15.Optional Accessories:Micro-printer

Bursting Strength Tester

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