AS-5600 Friction Resistant Tester

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Friction Resistant Tester is suitable for abrasion test to leather, fabric, paint, paper, floor brick, plywood, glass, natural rubber and so on.


1 Can do alcohol resistance test, the eraser or pencil scratch hardness performance test at the same time.

2 A variety of fixture to choose from, a variety of optional size specifications

3 Rate of digital display, aluminum test bench, stroke adjustable

Technical Parameters:

1.Bench Loading Capacity (KGf):5 (max)

2.Test Stroke (mm):2~20 or 5~40

3.Load (gf):80~1000

4.Test Speed (times/min):10~120

5.Counter:LCD 0~999999 (Adjustable)

6.Friction Medium:Alcohol, eraser, pencil, textile

7.Weights (gf):1~20,50,100,200,500

8.Dimension WxHxD (mm):0580x610x370

9.Weight (Kg):52

10.Power:AC 220V 1∮ 3 lines

AS-5600 Friction Resistant Tester

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