R.C.A Paper Tape Abrasion Tester

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R.C.A Paper Tape Abrasion Tester is applied for abrasion test of mobile phone, PDA, MP3, CD, laptop computer and various surface coating materials.


1. Roll un-oiled paper or adhesive tape to rub the sample for specified rounds/times, and then observe the abrasion-resistant performance

2. 55g or 175g load reduction for soft materials

3. Two sample fixed form can be selected.

4. With lamp-type magnifier

5. Counter: Rotary counter.

Technical Parameters:

1.Test Loading(g):55, 175, 275

2.Dimension WxHxD (mm):530×490×410

3.Weight (Kg):59

4.Power:AC220V 1∮ 3 lines

R.C.A Paper Tape Abrasion Tester

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