Moisture-Proof Storage Box

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Moisture-Proof Storage Box is designed to protect the electronic gadgets and valuable collections from moisture damage. A10 type is adjustable from 8%RH to 50%RH. The interior environment is controlled by precise digital controller.


1. Structure: 1mm thick carbon steel with paint.

2. Door: Handles, airtight magnetic sealers and glass.

3. Wheel: Four 3" wheels, two of them with brakes.

Technical Parameters:


2.Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm):390x450x380

3.External Dimension WxHxD (mm):400x520x410

4.Capacity of Moisture Proof:75L, push and pull tray 2 pcs

5.Application Range:

Relative Humidity Proper humidity for storage

60%-55% Books, Antiques, Paper, Fax paper, Copy paper

55%-45% Cameras, video cameras, lenses, amplifier, telescope, optical tape, tape, film, Positive

negative film, Musical Instruments, stamps, fur, medicinal herbs, coffee, cigarettes

45%-35% Precision hardware mold, measuring instruments, electronic components, main board,

metal powder, semiconductor, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

35% or below Sample, the standard measuring tool, seeds, pollen, bulb

Moisture-Proof Storage Box

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