Yellowing Resistance Test Chamber

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Yellowing Resistance Test Chamber simulates the circumstances of sunshine radiation to test the resistance to discoloration of shoes materials. It is appropriate for using in nature leather, synthetic leather, vulcanized rubber, PU as well as TPR fabric, sole as well as insole, white shoes material, etc.


1. Made of stainless steel.

2. Time control: arriving the setting test working time, automatically shut down

3. LCD digital display temperature,

4. Equipped with observation window

5. Over-temperature power-off indicator light, safety overload switch ammeter

Technical Parameters:


2.UV Light Source:Bulb-type UV light source

3.Inner Dimension WxHxD (mm):500x600x500

4.Outer Dimension WxHxD (mm):1000x1400x650

5.Optical Density:Adjustable


7.Sample Rotating-plate:Rotating

8.Weight (Kg):140

9.Timer:LED Electronic-Type

10.Power:AC 220V

Yellowing Resistance Test Chamber

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