AZO dough plants – reliable process management for wet doughs, pre-ferments and sourdoughs

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AZO at IBA 2018

The new AZO DL (dough line) modular line from AZO takes a big step towards addressing the frequently expressed wish of customers for complete solutions for handling both solids and liquids in bakeries. With years of experience in adding, dosing and weighing powdered substances and bulk materials, together with expertise in handling liquids, AZO can offer customers a “carefree package” without troublesome interfaces.

Thanks to the modular design, the dough mixers, which are designed for medium- and large-scale bakeries, are highly versatile and can be engineered for different types of dough as required. Owing to the robust execution, dough yields upwards of 180 (solid content up to 55%) can be processed in volumes of between 400 and 9000 l without difficulty. The addition of finely dispersed water and flour, in conjunction with the specially developed agitators, ensures these are worked gently into the dough and distributed uniformly over the course of the entire process.

The use of the anchor agitator enables reliable fermentation of wheat starters and rye sourdoughs. In combination with dissolver agitators, it is furthermore possible to produce wet doughs and batters of all kinds for waffles, biscuits and other baked goods with great efficiency.

Alongside the dosing of flour and water, targeted temperature control, even over relatively long periods, is crucial for reliable process management in the case of wheat starter and rye sourdough production. It is thus possible to produce different degrees of proving with outstanding quality in a reproducible manner. The hoppers are equipped with a double casing as well as a suitable insulating casing for perfect temperature control. If necessary, the double casing can be used for both cooling and heating. An anchor agitator with scraper swaps the dough close to the container wall twice for each revolution. This guarantees good heat exchange and thus optimal proving of the sourdough, especially for multi-stage proving. In addition, the option to change the direction of rotation and the provision of edge-to-edge scrapers prevent the formation of flour clusters. The mixer can also be combined with upstream mixing and homogenisation units, meaning that water is incorporated more quickly and no clumps are formed in the mixer itself from the outset.

During the production of wet doughs and batters, any lumps or other clumps that have formed can be thoroughly broken down by using one or two dissolver agitators. This leads to a highly homogeneous dough that has been gently handled for a very short time and is well suited to further processing.

The dough mixer meets the most stringent hygiene requirements and is easy to clean. Highly efficient CIP systems can be adapted to the needs of the particular bakery as required by the customer. Pigging systems are available on request for the connecting lines between the mixer and more remote dough plant sections. The cleaning process as a whole can be mapped using the recipe system in order to achieve reproducible results. The innovative zoamatic smart control system with easy touchscreen operation means that the system can be operated as a stand-alone unit. The local measuring and control technology can be integrated into a higher-order process control system at any time via bus and Profinet systems or 4-20 mA interfaces. All process parameters are monitored and documented by the controller. This enables absolutely reproducible process management to guarantee consistent dough properties.

AZO dough mixers are versatile and can be used to manufacture wet doughs, pre-ferments and sourdoughs
AZO dough mixers are versatile and can be used to manufacture wet doughs, pre-ferments and sourdoughs

Depending on the type of dough, anchor and dissolver agitators can be used

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