Microwave Analyzer

Diana Keppler

for the Food & Beverages Industry

The Microwave Analyzers from Berthold Technologies are widely used in the Food & Beverages industry to control water contents or dry matter of various products - such as sugar, butter, caramel or cheese – just to name a few. The measurement is carried out online and non- contacting, providing many advantages to the user such as the very precise control of water content or the compliance with quality regulations. A consistent quality, less rejection and significant cost-savings are accomplished.

Our radiometric measurement gauges are also successfully applied in the food industry. Level and density gauges are typically used when process conditions are so challenging that conventional technologies are not able to provide satisfying performance. The low radiation intensities used do not have any effect on the measured product and the high reliability and repeatability of our measurements are of substantial benefit to the user.

Microwave Analyzer

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