Caibide Bandsaw Blade Set Style for Multipurpose



Product Features

• Ultra-fine grain cemented carbide has a flexural strength of 4300N / mm2 and has a high impact resistance.

• Advanced tooth tip welding process, effectively prevent the teeth

• Rigid, fatigue and good backing

High precision grinding tooth profile accuracy

• Optimized tooth design, suitable sawdust shape for better chip removal and reduced cutting force

• Sawing machines with low rigidity are equally applicable

Alternative bimetallic band saw blade, doubling the efficiency of sawing

• Ordinary stainless steel

• Tool steel

• Mold steel.

• bearing steel

Processing difficult to cut materials

• Alloy steel

• beryllium copper, bronze, brass

• Surface hardened steel

• Titanium alloy

• nickel base alloy

• Superalloy

• Other wear-resistant metal materials (eg cast steel)

• Hard graphite

Manual feeding of aluminum material

• aluminum

• Brass

Comparison of Bimetallic Band Saw Blade to Improve Cutting Efficiency

• Material: 800mm large H13 forgings

• Saw blade specifications: 67mm, 0.75 / 1.0TPI

• Speed: 30m / min

• Domestic Band Saw Machine

Caibide Bandsaw Blade Set Style for Multipurpose

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