A revolutionary application for transparent and connected supermarkets

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The start-up Blulog - a specialist in securing the cold chain - has just launched the Coldfinder system, a new revolutionary application for consumers. The Coldfinder system allows consumers to ensure that the food products they purchase were stored at the right temperature.

Transparency and innovation for the consumers

In our increasingly connected society, Blulog’s Colfinder system ensures food product are stored at the right temperature.

"Beyond the expiration date, storage conditions are crucial for the freshness of food products. When fresh products are not stored at the proper temperature, their life expectancy will be significantly lowered and microbes will be more likely to grow ", explains Jérémy Laurens, Blulog Sales and Marketing Director.

The start-up Blulog, a specialist in securing the cold chain, has launched the Coldfinder system, which will allow consumers to check for themselves that the products offered in supermarkets were kept in the right temperature conditions.

The consumer just has to scan a QR code positioned on a fridge to receive information about current and historical temperature in this specific location.

This transparency guarantees to the consumer that the cold chain was well maintained and that he can purchase food products with confidence.

Geolocalized promotions thanks to Coldfinder

The consumer will not only have access to information about the storage conditions of the products, but also about promotions available for these products.

The consumer can thus have a privileged contact with the store which personally will inform him about current promotions on selected products.

With this new system Coldfinder, Blulog allows stores to demonstrate transparency and innovation to consumers who can trust them for the quality of the products.

A revolutionary application for transparent and connected supermarkets

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