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Largest boiler from Bosch as highlight at the trade fair

Bosch Industrial Boilers

Energy efficiency and connectivity for all output ranges

At the ISH Energy, the world’s leading trade fair for sanitary, building, energy, air conditioning technology and renewable energies, Bosch Industrial presents the largest product of its portfolio: The double-flame tube boiler has an impressive height of six meters. It reaches an output of up to 55,000 kilograms of steam per hour, and weighs up to 120 tons. Due to its constant efficiency in all operating points, this steam boiler is especially used by energy suppliers and large industrial companies. The boiler is part of the Bosch trade fair stand – visitors can enter its inside and the VIP lounge on its upper floor.

Also for smaller output ranges, Bosch presents several innovations at the ISH Energy, for example, the compressed air and heat system (CA). While conventional compressors are driven by electric motors and need expensive electric power for this, the CA from Bosch generates the compressed air with a biogas or natural gas motor in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. In addition, the free waste heat of the motor and the compressor can be used in the heating circuit.

Controls and connectivity

Another major topic at the Bosch trade fair stand are the new high-tech controls for professional solutions, used in industrial boilers and combined heat and power plants (CHP). Here, Bosch presents the Control 8000, an innovative control device for heating boilers with intuitive touch control and large colour display. With this control device, advanced technology from the industrial sector enters the market of heat technology at an appealing price-performance ratio. A wide variety of components can easily be integrated in a modular way. At the same time the latest standards of connectivity are used. The remote maintenance system MEC Remote is available for the new device Control 8000 and also for all other Bosch boiler and CHP controls. Whether state-of-the-art control technology protocols, local networks, internet-based, wired or wireless – MEC Remote from Bosch provides a safe and comfortable access via internet-connected devices. In the past, this service offered access for the Bosch service experts only. But now with MEC Remote also operators can access their boiler or CHP controls from a distance conveniently. Furthermore, operators are informed automatically about important status reports via email or text message. A certified safety concept protects against unauthorised access. Last but not least: You can experience all control devices and remote access opportunities at the Bosch trade fair stand interactively.

Energy efficiency in the focus

With the slogan “Our efficiency is your profit”, Bosch highlights the topic of saving energy costs with interactive multimedia simulators. At different points at the stand, operators can configure their individual plant. By using their specific load profile and energy prices, they can precisely calculate which technical measures are profitable and which are not. Furthermore, operators of older plants receive individual information: Would it make sense to switch from oil to gas or to retrofit heat recovery measures? And if so, how soon will this pay off?

Experience virtual boiler houses

An innovative highlight at the stand is the 360-degree virtual reality station. Visitors can virtually experience in detail real boiler houses with their individual modules and components – this is just as if you were really on site.

Bosch Industrial at the ISH Energy 2017: Hall 8.0, Stand B31
Bosch Industrial at the ISH Energy 2017: Hall 8.0, Stand B31

Largest boiler from Bosch as highlight at the trade fair

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