Loosening joint – don't lose it!

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From power generation to automation, transportation systems to recreational and sports equipment, testing and measuring equipment to healthcare technology, digital gadgets to children’s toys, threaded fasteners are used to assemble these products. Threaded joints have a lot of benefits to offer and also weaknesses. One of the challenges in threaded joints, is self-loosening.

The topic on self-loosening never fails to attract the interest of products designers, production specialists, industrial engineers and maintenance and safety officers. The reason is clear, it is about safety!

Michael Kaas from the Bossard Expert Team has selected the topic as one of more important challenges in fastening and would like to share some insights into it. Read the White Paper about:

- Head style

- Nuts

- Thread locking features

- Adhesive patches

- Washers

Loosening joint – don't lose it!

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