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Scrapers LaboPlast® und SteriPlast®

Bürkle GmbH

Practical scrapers for disposable use

These new sturdy and convenient scrapers for disposable use complement our product lines LaboPlast® und SteriPlast®.

The different scrapers are suitable for scraping off, smoothing or cleaning as well as removing residue.

The scrapers are produced in our class 7 clean room (10,000) and individually packaged for disposable use. The SteriPlast® scrapers are sterilised by gamma rays in addition.

Besides the two classic white versions, these scrapers are also available in a shade of blue. These versions were spacially developed for the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries and can be used as part of HACCP/IFS foreign object management.

The detectable version is not only coloured blue but also has a special additive in the material that makes the scrapers visible to metal detectors or X-rays.

Scrapers LaboPlast® und SteriPlast®
Scrapers LaboPlast® und SteriPlast®

Scraper LaboPlast® and SteriPlast®

Scraper for foodstuffs

Detectable scraper

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