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Spoon spatula and Micro-spatula

Bürkle GmbH

Perfect for small amounts

The new disposable spatulas from Bürkle are perfect for handling small amounts. They are specially designed for disposable use, resistant to chemicals and corrosion-proof.

The spoon spatula is a double spatula with a 0.5 ml spoon and a 17 mm spatula blade.

The spoon spatula has many different uses in labs – as a sampling spoon, for measuring or transferring small amounts, as a scraper or for mixing and stirring.

The Micro-spatula is a double scoop spatula with rounded ends, content 1.0 and 0.25 ml.

The micro spatula can be used to sample, transfer or process small amounts of chemicals, powders, granulates, pastes, creams or liquids. The sturdy and convenient centre handle facilitates precise work.

Both versions are clean room manufactured, available either in a large package with 100 pieces or 100 pieces packaged individually and sterilised by gamma rays.

Spoon-spatula and Micro-Spatula




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