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CASSIOLI USA Corp: a new CASSIOLI's head office for North America in Alabama

CASSIOLI GROUP Marketing Department

CASSIOLI announces the expansion in the United States with a new office in Birmingham, Alabama.

(BIRMINGHAM, AL,) CASSIOLI, the leading provider of high-performance material handling solutions for a wide range of industry, recently opened a new office in the vibrant city of Birmingham, Alabama, determined to reestablish its operational footprint in the United States to better serve U.S. customers, and to grow market share in North America.

In addition to the corporate headquarters in Italy, and the two production plants located in Brazil and Poland, the new office space doubles the office footprint and supports the company’s growth strategy.

Cassioli provides an approach tailored to customer needs that characterizes the whole design and production of the Italian company respecting its decades-long tradition of manufacturing. In addition, Cassioli Group’s department of research and development strives to constantly anticipate tomorrow’s needs by combining innovation and tradition: a combination of success detectable in all the proposed solutions for the customer point of view of functionality and efficiency.

“The decision to expand our presence into North America area was logical step in our business growth strategy,” said Marcello Cassioli, president. “One of the major trends in U.S. manufacturing over recent decades has been an increase in sector productivity. Global competitive pressures have forced companies to become leaner and to increase output per worker. Automation is a major factor driving this trend. Since 1987, output per hour for manufacturing workers has increased by more than 2.5 times, a significantly higher rate than the U.S. private sector as a whole. The increase has been especially strong in durable goods manufacturing, which has almost tripled labor productivity in that time frame. Having a new office in the U.S provides the opportunity to further expand company staffing and capabilities, and consolidate the reliability and solidity of our brand with onsite professional services and customer support departments, as well as increase our ability to service current and future North America customers.”

CASSIOLI USA Corp: a new CASSIOLI's head office for North America in Alabama