diaphragm vacuum pump / oil-free / single-stage / compact

Charles Austen

Gas and Air pumps For IVD Urinalysis Analysis

Many manual laboratory procedures are being replaced by automated or semi-automated analysers to increases the speed and accuracy of results. To achieve this manual counting techniques are being replaced with new methods such as flow cell digital imaging.

The successful design of these analysers needs to take into account all stages of the manual process being replaced.

For example automated analysers for flow cytometry applications, such as IVD Urinalysis Analysers need a well mixed sample to prevent false readings as a result of sedimentation.

A well proven solutions to this problem is to use a small compressed air to tank agitate sample before aspiration and to re-suspend the cells.

The Charles Austen / BlueDiamond Pumps 12 or 24V DC Air diaphragm pumps are ideally suited for these applications as they prove a quiet and reliable source of compressed air and gas for fully automated analysers including in vitro diagnostic (IVD) equipment.

To aid compliance with EMC requirement of EN/ UL 61010 Suppression id fitted to all our pumps standard and we off BLDC options for continuous duty applications.

For more information on our D3 product and solutions for automated analysers including liquid pumps contact....

diaphragm vacuum pump / oil-free / single-stage / compact

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