CKIC Expand Business in Food Industry


Food Application

One more step taken by CKIC in food industry. Recently we have completed the installation of 5E-MW6510 Automatic Moisture Analyzer in Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety successfully.

The model 5E-MW6510 is capable to determine the total moisture and air dry basis moisture for various samples. It equipped with light wave tube for heating, the energy efficiency has been raised by 15% comparing with other traditional method. Also, 5E-MW6510 is available to introduce Nitrogen for drying, which is suitable for commercial laboratory and government laboratory for its arbitration purpose. Excellent design and reliable quality provide value beyond the expectation for customer.

As a leading manufacturer for analytical instruments, CKIC is dedicated to expand new application to meet customer’s need. Currently, CKIC has supplied calorimeter, nitrogen analyzer, moisture analyzer to food industry customers from Mongolia, Turkey, UK, South Korea and so on.

To know more about what we can do for food industry, please check the application page: or contact us by for free technical consultant.

CKIC expand the food industry
CKIC expand the food industry

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