5E-DHG6340 Drying Oven


Drying Oven

5E-DHG6340 Drying Oven is used for drying, baking and sterilizing of samples in the laboratory, which is widely uses in research institutes, inspection company, hospital laboratories and coal mines.


1. 910L Large Capacity

Handle up to 20-40kg sample per batch, 5 Shelves Supplied, Max. 10 layers. Provide high capacity for your day-to-day drying and heating applications.

2. Horizontal air flow system

Conforms to ASTM D3302/D3302M.

3. Excellent Temperature Uniformity to 40℃

Equipped with advanced microprocessor PID controls, temperature control precision up to ±1℃.

4. Maximized space efficiency with casters

Factory installed casters allow for increased mobility and make setting up your laboratory easily.

5. Over-Temperature Protection

Built-in mechanical timer along with user-adjustable safety thermostat allows for power cut.

6. Simple-to-use

Remind user to change the filter automatically

Up to three settable modes of heating time and temperature can be chosen.

Drying Oven 5E-DHG6340
Drying Oven 5E-DHG6340

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