Main applications of gear motors in horeca machinery

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One of the main components in HORECA machinery are electric actuators and speed reducers. What are their applications? Find out more here

Gear motors play a major role in all sorts of machinery of the hotel & catering industry: Coffee grinding machines, industrial mixers, cooling machines, etc. The design of their electrical actuators is critical for these machinery to achieve an optimal performance across different applications. Do you want to learn what role CLR’s actuators play in the HORECA sector?

We talk about some considerations you may follow first:

Generally, the commercial kitchen machinery manufacturing process should follow a number of regulations which require a thorough analysis in advance. In fact, some of these regulations may influence or limit the component selection. It is therefore interesting to choose suppliers that are highly experienced in this industry.

On the other hand, it should be considered that the gear motor may have to work under harsh conditions, such as moisture, cold or high temperatures, which may affect its optimal performance.

Which are CLR’s main specialisations regarding speed reducers here?

Industrial toaster ovens

Industrial juicers

Convection ovens

Industrial coffee grinders

Industrial mixers

Mixers for chocolate-making machines

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Gear Motors in Horeca Machinery

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