NEW heavy duty water blasters JE80-2300

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Our heavy duty water blasters start where others stop. We provide water blasters from 500 bar to a massive 3,000 bar. We manufacture all our heavy duty water blasters with highest quality materials. We use ISO 9001:2000 and we offer unparalleled after sales support.

Combijet High Pressure Water Blasters offer you high performance and design, which is optimized for heavy duty use and gives you the opportunity to solve a range of blasting tasks. Water blasting, apart for being an environmental friendly blasting method has also a very good cleaning effect. Even more, the use of pressure washing technology allows works to be done in areas where other conventional blasting methods would be impossible to operate, eg terminals, refineries, urban areas.

Τhe High Pressure Water Blasting is ideal for removing old coatings and rust, but also eliminates the deeply embedded crystallised salt. Τhe latter results in the remarkable reduction of the chlorides levels on the surface, which leads to higher adhesion and expansion of the lifetime of coating. On projects where large amounts of abrasives must be collected and disposed, the most preferable method is definitely the water blasting. Many studies have proven that surfaces, which have been water blasted are much cleaner than those blasted with the use of traditional solid abrasive methods.

Today, most major coating manufacturers have recognised the important advantages of pressure jetting and they managed to develop a range of surface- tolerant coatings. These coatings are specially designed to adhere to surfaces that have been water blasted. Water

blasting is surely the most dominant blasting method that all will use in the near future.

NEW heavy duty water blasters JE80-2300