Combisafe Loading System MKII Delivers Major Safety Benefits

Combisafe International
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Combisafe, a Honeywell company and a leading provider of temporary collective protection, has launched the new COMBISAFE Loading System MkII. Working with the COMBISAFE SkyReach Anchor, the Loading System MKII enables workers to safely load or unload flatbed trailers and raised decks in yards or on work-sites.

“According to the Health and Safety Executive, the most common major workplace transport injuries are low falls from vehicles. These account for almost half of major injuries reported, particularly when loading or unloading is involved,” said Wayne Kensett, product manager for Combisafe. “The new Loading System MKII not only enhances worker safety, but has enabled us to create a wider range of user-friendly features significantly improving the transportation, installation and operation of the system.”

CE Certified to EN795 Type E, the new COMBISAFE Loading System MkII comes flat-packed to make it easier to move and store. Assembly and disassembly is quick and simple thanks to the new boltless design and with adjustable feet, the base can remain level even when placed on rough ground.

When positioned adjacent to a lorry bed the complete system can be set up in five simple steps. With the SkyReach Anchor installed, employees can work safely up to five metres from the ground with an operating radius of up to eight and a half metres. It is also compatible with all EN361-certified harnesses.and has been tested and approved with the Miller® Falcon product family of self-retracting lifelines.

Each COMBISAFE Loading System MkII includes a weighted base, ballasted with three tonnes of precast ballast blocks with the flexibility to use other forms of ballasting material such as well-compacted 10mm rounded pea gravel* or site cast concrete.

One COMBISAFE Loading System MkII can be used to load or unload a 8m long flatbed trailer. For longer vehicles two systems will be required.

For more information contact Combisafe on 01604 660600 or visit

Combisafe Loading System MKII Delivers Major Safety Benefits

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