Innovation 4D_Additive/Impression 3D/Additive Manufacturing

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The software of preparation of data 3D CAD dedicated to the additive manufacturing

Today with 4D_Additive, CoreTechnologie proposes a simple and successful solution, covering from start to finish the preparation of the models and their production by 3D impression.

The major features of 4D_Additive

· Import and interoperability of all the formats 3D CAD · Analyses and preparations of the models · Positioning of the room · Creation of supports · Interweaving and production of several forms simultaneously · optimal Result of impression

Two modes of paramétrisations: standard and expert

· The first one, said standard, guides the operator in his technical choices with numerous automatisms thanks to his database machines and materials. A function of analysis indicates, for example, by means of codes colors the possible difficulties on the room as the zones massive or the too fine walls, but also the remains and against remains.

· The second mode, directed expert, authorizes a complete paramétrisation of the process and the functions(offices).

In a market rapidly expanding, 4D_Additive becomes the continuation of the modelling of a room part for its manufacturing, that it is a prototype or a room part good material.

Of next versions in the service of an optimized process

The next versions will integrate(join) the control proceeded to optimize the quality of production, the management of the structures lattice, and tools to feign the process before choosing its parameters of functioning.

Innovation 4D_Additive/Impression 3D/Additive Manufacturing

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