C.R.M. di Mazzoccato Arturo & Figli s.r.l.

A day visiting C.R.M. Mazzoccato srl

Today was a CRM Mazzoccato "Girls' Day 2018"!. We welcomed Matilde and Nicole visiting us for a day. The girls joined the program "Girls' Day" sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce supporting their will to get in touch with local companies where women are involved in the top management. How to find a better way to explore the different possibilities to become a passioned working woman after their studies? We wish to Matilde and Nicole all the best for their future.

Welcome in C.R.M. Mazzoccato, Girls!
Welcome in C.R.M. Mazzoccato, Girls!

Nicole and Matilde after their OK pictured with Antonella Mazzoccato

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