LD Smart Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Suitable diameter: ≥80mm

Sensor material: Stainless steel(1Cr18Ni9Ti)+ Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE)

The diameter of sensor probe: φ37mm

The sensor inserts the depth of pipe:1/8D and≤40mm(D is tube diameter)

Operating pressure:1.0MPa,1.6MPa,4MPa,25MPa(special)

Fluid temperature: ﹣40℃-100℃,100℃-180℃(high temperature)

2 The converter parameter

Measure range:flow rate 0.1-10m/s,each diameter flow= Tube cross-sectional area×flow rate

Accurcy class:0.3、0.5(flow rate≥0.5m/s),1.0(flow rate<0.5m/s),2.0(flow rate<0.2m/s)

Electrical conductivity: >5µs/cm

Output signal:4-20mA,load≤750Ω;0-100Hz output pulse, with power24V, >10mA;RS485;


Supply power:220VAC±10%,50Hz±1Hz;24VDC±10%

Power consumption: <7W

Explosion proof: Exd(ia)iaqⅡCT6,Exd(ia)iaqⅡBT4

Housing protection: integrated:IP65; Split type:sensor IP68、converterIP65

Ambient temperature:﹣25℃-60℃(Explosion proof to50℃)

Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH(20℃)

Electrical interface size:M20×1.5,1/2NPT(outside diameter of cableφ6-φ10)

LD Smart Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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