ZTD-G Smart Displacer Level (Interface) Transmitter

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Main performances and parameters

Power supply: 12~30V DC; the controller has reverse polarity protection.(when HART is

communicating, the voltage of controller ≥17.75V DC)

Output signal: 4~20 mA DC (Positive direction – the increase of level, interface, or density make output increase; Negative direction – the increase of level, interface, or density make output decrease.)

Measuring range: 300mm—2500mm (can also over range)

Nominal pressure: ≤42.0MPa

Nominal diameter: DN40 or as customers’ request

Ambient temperature: -40 ºC to +80 ºC (when ≤–30ºC, no LCD display.)

Operating temperature: –70ºC to +400ºC

Measuring accuracy: 0.5%

Influence from power supply: When the voltage of the power supply varies between min. and max. ,the output change is within <±0.2%. of the full scale.

LCD display: Output current signal、process variable、process temperature、percentage range、rotation angle of torque tube.

Medium density difference: ≥0.08g/cm³

Material of torque tube: Standard configuration Inconel 600,or Monel, HasetlloyC-276

Wetted material: 304、316L or as customers’ request

Flange standard: HG/T20592-2009、HG/T20615-2009 or as customers’ request

Power entry: Two M20×1.5 (female) or as customers’ request

Protection grade: IP66

Order requirements

Please select product model according to the model selection table.

Medium operating pressure & temperature

Special wetted material brand name

Tag number

Flange standard

Medium name & density

Instrument accuracy

ZTD-G Smart Displacer Level (Interface) Transmitter

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