DDTOP LD series flange type Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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LD electromagnetic flow meter is a kind of electromagnetic measuring flow instrument, used to measure all kinds of the volume flow of conductive liquid. This product is mainly used in petrochemical, steel, electric power, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmaceutical, paper making industries and municipal environmental protection, water conservancy and other fields.

1. Sensor parameter

1.1Flange connection (LD1)

Suitable diameter: DN15-DN1000, other diameters are non-standard, according to user request

Measuring pipe lining material: F46 (FEP Teflon), P0 (polyolefin), PUR (polyurethane)

The electrode material: 316L, Hc(Hastelloy C),Hb(Hastelloy B),Ta()

Operating pressure: DN15-DN80 diameter: 4.0Mpa (standard)

DN100-DN150 diameter: 1.6 Mpa(standard)

DN200-DN1000 diameter: 1.0Mpa (standard)

More than the pressure standard is non-standard type, according to user requirement order other flange standard

Fluid temperature:F46lining:﹣40℃-180℃,P0lining: ﹣20℃-80℃;PUR lining: 0-50℃

Technology of connecting flange:Flange standard of this book is HG/T20592-2009,or according to user requirement order other flange standard.

Grounding ring material:304、321、316、Hc、Ti、Cu

2 The converter parameter

Measure range:flow rate 0.1-10m/s,each diameter flow= Tube cross-sectional area×flow rate

Accurcy class:0.3、0.5(flow rate≥0.5m/s),1.0(flow rate<0.5m/s),2.0(flow rate<0.2m/s)

Electrical conductivity: >5µs/cm

Output signal:4-20mA,load≤750Ω;0-100Hz output pulse, with power24V, >10mA;RS485;


Supply power:220VAC±10%,50Hz±1Hz;24VDC±10%

Power consumption: <7W

Explosion proof: Exd(ia)iaqⅡCT6,Exd(ia)iaqⅡBT4

Housing protection: integrated:IP65; Split type:sensor IP68、converterIP65

Ambient temperature:﹣25℃-60℃(Explosion proof to50℃)

Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH(20℃)

Electrical interface size:M20×1.5,1/2NPT(outside diameter of cableφ6-φ10)

Order requirements

When users order the goods, please read this selection model sample fully and select suitable flow meter according to the situation of fluid and field requirement, then provide following information to manufacturer.

◆ Model of electromagnetic flow meter

◆ Character and physical property parameter of fluid

◆ Max. operating pressure、Max. and Min. operating temperature of fluid

◆ Frequently-used flow、Max. and Min. flow of the fluid

DDTOP LD series flange type Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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