News Express - Technology Center Innovation Products Review

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News Express - Technology Center Innovation Products Review

Innovation - To cast the soul of technology, lean - to achieve the dream of brand.Enhance innovation ability and enhance product competitiveness. To creat DDTOP brand,continuous improvement and sustainable development are the objectives of DDTOP Group Technology Center.On December 12, 2017, as part of Alibaba's sales carnival day, our technical center conducted a closing review of some of our innovative projects this year.The accredited projects include guided wave radar level gauge project, QXB alarm project, double pole double throw float switch project, rotor flow meter re-optimization design project and process assembly work instruction book improvement project.

Guided wave radar level gauge products: product performance has reached the China advanced level, the blind spot design has achieved the leading China level.

QXB Alarm Project: Through the selection of new electronic devices and related design, we solved the original alarm structure cumbersome, unreliable, small scope of application. By changing the installation method, make it applicable to all types of float.

Double-Pole and Double-Throw Float Switch Project: Fulfills the company's technology gap by innovative design.

Rotor flow meter re-optimization design project: through the design optimization and after a large number of tests, expand the scope of products, improve product performance, enhance the market competitiveness of products.

process assembly work instruction book improvement project: assembly work instructions to improve the company's production process of the guidance document, through the graphic guidance, the production process of standardization and product quality are guaranteed.

Through the project review, engineers and technicians collected the opinions and suggestions from the company leaders and various departments, which made sense for the company to further optimize and perfecting the products.We believe that we will certainly create a world famous instrument brand.

News Express - Technology Center Innovation Products Review

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