Introducing OptiPower

DESMI Pumping Technology A/S

- a new way of thinking with regard to Power Quality Management

OptiPower includes everything from power quality analysis to design and implementation of power quality enhancing equipment. OptiPower’s active filter is a key component for optimal power quality.

OptiPower - Power Quality System

• Optimizing power quality management through intelligent analyses - from measuring to installation

• Improvement or removal of harmonic electrical networks making it possible to meet required standards

• Easily achievable energy savings

• No more loss of energy

• No more overheating

• No more electrical disturbance

What Causes Harmonics in Marine Applications?

Power electronics with rapid and frequent variations of loads provide many process-related control and energy saving benefits, leading to the growing abundance of these types of devices on board vessels and in offshore marine applications. However, these non-linear loads – including variable speed drives (VSD), uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) etc. – create harmonic currents, a major drawback for an electrical distribution system. These harmonic currents result in voltage harmonic distortion that affects all the devices connected to the system, leading to both instantaneous and long-term effects on the electronic and electrical devices, and the system.

Introducing OptiPower

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