Stable Operation, Surveillance, and Quick Service

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DESMI pumps have been in operation in Vejen since 2003

DESMI pumps have been in operation in Vejen district heating plant since 2003.

The pumps - DESMI NSL100-215/A12 and DESMI NSL150-265/A12 - are running 24/7 and are all connected to frequency converters, which ensures minimum energy consumption.

Erik Jensen, Plant Manager, says, ”We are very pleased with the DESMI pumps, which are of the same type at all our locations in Vejen. The pumps are very reliable and by means of frequency converters we can increase and decrease the temperature depending on outside temperatures and requirements and at the same time save money on the energy consumption”.

In addition to delivery of pumps, DESMI also provides service on the pumps when required.

Erik continues, ”When a pump must be serviced or repaired occasionally, DESMI responds quickly. The service engineers come here immediately and we

only have a minimum interruption of operation”.

With a new system and existing pumps and frequency converters, Vejen district heating plant will continuously be able to ensure surveillance of their system and installations and thus minimize breakdown and make sure that a constant and stable heat supply is available to the households in Vejen.

Stable Operation, Surveillance, and Quick Service

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