DESMI’s field service – much more than just a man in a van

DESMI Pumping Technology A/S
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Developing and supplying reliable pumps is only part of the equation for DESMI. State-of-the art field service gives customers peace of mind, wherever their pumps are installed and whatever the configuration.

Full-service options

DESMI supports pump systems installed at everything from district heating plants to battleships. Differing types of service are available for differing client needs and the deep know-how of the field engineers allows them to maintain competitor brands, too.

If a pump breaks down, the Fix on Failure solution brings in field engineers to overhaul the system and determine if the issue is due to wear or an installation problem.

For a more proactive approach, DESMI offers preventative maintenance contracts. These define service intervals to verify that everything is running properly and assess the risk of failure within the next contract period.

The condition-based service approach takes proactivity even further, with engineers coming in at shorter intervals and ensuring every time that overall performance is as efficient as possible. These regular visits let DESMI’s engineers monitor the pumps and also check that bearings and other potentially worn parts are operating as expected. Such check-ups ensure that pumps operate at their highest efficiency – and can result in big savings.

Service that pays its way

Just how much money can be saved? According to Johan Schwerin, DESMI’s Service Manager, “Restoring a loss of perhaps 5 percent in efficiency (with a 55kw motor or larger) can easily pay the cost of a service visit in sheer energy savings.”

DESMI field engineers are usually able to deliver savings on their first site visit - often through some fairly simple adjustments to correct the pump farm not running as efficiently as possible. In fact, the company offers an initial service visit for free because long experience shows that there is almost always potential for optimisation. And there’s often no charge for the first service visit if no improvements can be identified.

DESMI’s field service – much more than just a man in a van

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