DICTATOR Electroless Closing and Damping Systems for Sliding Doors

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But now that modern architecture has realized the advantages sliding doors offer, it makes demands to the door manufacturers. The DICTATOR closing devices for the new applications have become delicate. Plastics instead of metal brought the break through – small, economic, self-lubricating and powerful. The small DICTATOR spring rope pulley for the automatic closing of sliding doors is concealed behind the covers above the door system provided on site. Therefore no bulky and expensive counter weight solutions to close the doors are necessary. The patented DICTATOR radial dampers LD50 and LD100 need very little space, too. They control the closing speed of the sliding elements and protect people and material from too high closing speeds. Thereby the speed can exactly be adjusted to the respective needs. And if necessary, the closing device can also be combined with the DICTATOR Mechanical Timer so that the door will close only after an adjustable time.

Long service lives combined with very low maintenance characterize the DICTATOR products. The successfully passed tests for use on fire doors prove this. Here the DICTATOR products easily coped with long-term performance tests of 200000 cycles.

Depending on the application the DICTATOR DICTAMAT 50 sliding door closer is mounted either as a compact unit or as modular system or single components are fitted. The DICTATOR closing and damping systems easily adapt to the most varying applications. Among these are e.g. sliding doors in hospitals (accident and emergency departments, operating suites etc.), in laboratories, in offices, fire protection sliding doors, access doors to server rooms, sliding doors in trains, on ships and many more.

DICTATOR not only supplies durable high-quality products but also elaborates together with the customer the correct solution for each application.

DICTATOR Electroless Closing and Damping Systems for Sliding Doors

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