Dividella’s monomaterial packaging solution to the global plastics crisis

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In February 2108, a young sperm whale, an endangered species, washed up on a beach in southeastern Spain. When scientists carried out a necropsy, they discovered the huge mammal had succumbed to a fatal infection caused by more that 30 kilos of plastics in its stomach and intestines. The whale was far from alone. Some 90% of dead sea birds, are found to have plastic in their gullets. And the problem is only getting worse as an estimated 10 billion kilos of plastics enter the rivers and oceans every year – on course to double by 2025.

The world has a new acronym for environmental crisis – GPGP – the Great Pacific Garbage Patch an 80,000 tonne island of mostly plastic trash swirling around between California and Hawaii. These plastics not only kill animals but decimate coral reefs, and damage human health as they break down into microplastic particles that are now prevalent right across the food chain.

This is why enterprises increasingly aspire to become “plastics free” as part of their sustainability goals. For the pharmaceutical industry, the biggest use of plastics is, of course, in the packaging and logistics chain. Tackling this problem means embracing the use of monomaterials (essentially cardboard) to replace plastics in packaging.

100% monomaterial packaging
100% monomaterial packaging

Saving the environment and your money