Maximize Equipment Performance & Profitability with DSTI’s Hydraulic Swivel Joints for Continuous 360-Degree Rotation

Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. (DSTI)
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For more than decade, Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. (DSTI) has been the leader for providing equipment manufacturers with the most durable, longest-lasting and maintenance-free hydraulic swivel joints for continuous, 360-degree rotation.

Although swivel joints are often mounted deep within the workings of a machine, they are an essential component on many heavy equipment vehicles that should not be overlooked. On an excavator, the swivel is mounted between the turret and track drive system. It’s the connection that makes it possible for the machine to rotate continuously in either direction without damaging hydraulic hoses.

More recently, attachment manufacturers have begun integrating their products with swivel joints for 360 degrees of unrestricted rotation.

An attachment that is no longer limited by its hoses offers many advantages for companies looking to maximize their equipment performance and profitability. With more versatility and precision, operators can increase productivity and cut fuel costs by reducing time wasted on repositioning themselves. Job sites are also becoming safer because spotters are no longer needed in close proximity to potentially hazardous areas.

Selecting the right swivel joint manufacturer requires careful consideration.

By choosing a company like DSTI who focuses exclusively on sealing technology for rotating equipment, partners like Hercules Machining Corporation (HMC) in Fort Wayne, Indiana have experienced first-hand the quality and customer support DSTI offers.

The long-standing partnership has contributed to the success of past projects like HMC’s Self-Contained Track Rig (STR20) vehicle and more recently, the redesign of their Sonic SideGrip® vibratory pile driver (pictured above).

“We can confidently say a DSTI hydraulic swivel joint has not failed in any of our products,” says HMC Engineering Project Manager Billie Saalfrank.

“DSTI took the time to investigate various purchasing scenarios and options that catered to our needs. In the end, they were able to achieve costing goals while providing us with a superior product.”

Collaboration between DSTI and HMC engineering teams helped streamline efforts in order to meet project goals.

The new Sonic SideGrip® features a custom swivel that integrates directly within HMC’s tight envelope size and unique connection interfaces, a heavy-duty construction capable of withstanding the harsh environment and exclusive, field-proven sealing technology.

“DSTI is very knowledgeable when it comes to hydraulic swivels joints and their team is always a pleasure to work with,” added Saalfrank.

When designing machinery that requires the safe transfer of hydraulic fluid from a rotating inlet to a stationary outlet (or vice versa), DSTI’s team of in-house experts are available to help ensure your equipment reaches its maximum performance and profitability. For more information on swivel joint features and custom design capabilities, please visit


Hercules Machinery Corporation is a manufacturer and dealer of high-quality construction equipment, including pile driving and foundation equipment. HMC is experiencing a tremendous success from its Sonic SideGrip® vibratory pile driver—a piece of equipment that is revolutionizing the way contractors drive steel sheet pile, H-beam and pipe pile. For more information visit


Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. (DSTI) specializes in the design and manufacturing of application-specific fluid solutions worldwide. DSTI's engineered fluid sealing products transfer hydraulic oil, chemicals, water, air, and a variety of other liquids and gases for rotating applications. The company offers custom integrated solutions to meet the unique design, manufacturing, testing, and qualification requirements of each project. DSTI has a full line of in-stock, standard fluid and electrical products including fluid rotary unions and electrical slip rings designed to meet a wide range of industrial applications.

DSTI Hydraulic Swivel Joints for Heavy Equipment Attachments
DSTI Hydraulic Swivel Joints for Heavy Equipment Attachments

Allows attachments to rotate 360 degrees in either direction continuously.

DSTI Hydraulic Swivel Joints for Heavy Equipment Attachments

The swivel joints housing remains stationary while the shaft rotates with the end attachment.

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