NEW Warehouse Safety Report Released

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Dear Reader,

Our team of experts has been hard at work and has just released an industry-leading report detailing WAREHOUSES: The sources of poor air quality, the safety concerns that arise as a result, and several techniques to alleviate the issues. Below is a brief synopsis of the report, but the full edition can be requested from us and with our permission, may be used as a white paper resource.

Warehouse Optimization

Successful warehouse functionality is dependent on both maximizing equipment performance and providing a safe and healthy environment for workers that encourages productivity. However, these two factors are often at odds with each other as warehouse equipment such as forklifts, burnishers and delivery trucks emit toxic gases that can have the potential to create poor indoor air quality which affects worker respiratory health and overall productivity. Warehouse managers and supervisors should optimize the balance between equipment performance and personnel safety and comfort to achieve maximum production.

Three toxic gases that may be present within a warehouse are carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NO/NO2/NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Elevated levels of any one of these gases may result in immediate health issues including shortness of breath, headaches or nausea and several more serious long-term effects.

Strategies for optimizing Equipment Performance and Worker Safety/Productivity include:

1) Monitoring Warehouse Equipment Emissions and Efficiency

2) Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

3) Determining the objectives associated with emissions and performance required for Forklifts, Burnishers, and other equipment in the premises

4) Implementing a Long-Term Air Quality Optimization Strategy (Air Quality/Movement/Replacement) to Avoid Toxic Gas Build Up

Thank you for your time in reviewing this material. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to receive a copy of the full report.

NEW Warehouse Safety Report Released

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