The New BTU1500: "TRUE" All-In-One Combustion Analyzer

E Instruments International
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The NEW, UPDATED BTU1500 Portable Combustion Analyzer High Efficiency Kit is the most updated, ALL-IN-ONE kit to meet the growing needs for Mechanical Contractors, Plumbers, Boiler Technicians, Monitoring and Installing Condensing and High Efficiency Systems.

• For ALL 90%+ Efficiency Systems

• Field-Replaceable Sensors

• Built-In Printer (Non-Thermal)

• Large Full Color Display

• Robust “Boiler Room” Design

• Bluetooth Wireless Communication

• Includes New Android App

• O2, CO, CO2

• Efficiency, Excess Air, All Necessary Temperatures

• Rechargeable Battery & AC Charger Standard


• BUILT-IN THERMOMETER (Ambient & Flue Gas)

• BUILT-IN CO Leak Detector (Safety)

• 10 Fuels & Oils Standard

• Calibration certificate for proof of Accuracy

• DUAL HOSE (9’) & 12” Probe (Gas & Draft at Same Time)

• Vinyl Carrying Case

The New BTU1500: "TRUE" All-In-One Combustion Analyzer

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