HELIO-STROB UV365 - UV stroboscope for the monitoring of security features

ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH
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ELMED extends the range of possible applications to the UV-A spectrum by adding the HELIO-STROB UV365 to its successful HELIO-STROB series. Thanks to the UV LEDs the stroboscope can make fluorescent security features visible in the running production process.

The main goal of security printing (banknotes, stamps, passports, etc.) is to prevent forgery, tempering or counterfeiting. But also in the field of automation, such security features are incorporated in objects and documents in order to prove their authenticity. These security features consist of fluorescent ink, dyes or coatings that only become visible under UV light.

The UV LED stroboscope HELIO-STROB UV365 offers various possibilities for the monitoring of printings with UV fluorescent colours. With the UV stroboscope light source the user disposes of extremely short and efficient light pulses with a wave length of 365 nm. At up to 400 frames per second high contrast images without any motion blur are possible. Consistent, continuous brightness in the complete frequency range, slow motion observation or change of the observation point (phase shift): The spectrum of functions opens up a wide range of new applications, especially for the monitoring of safety features. A lighting unit with a flash tube in the visible light range is optionally available. The HELIO-STROB UV365 thus becomes a true „all-rounder“ for the monitoring of printing webs.

For further information on ELMED’s industrial stroboscopes please visit www.elmed-stroboskope.de or write an e-mail to strobo@elmedgmbh.de

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HELIO-STROB UV365 - UV stroboscope for the monitoring of security features

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